15.11.2016 . Factual or fictional, feature or series, Sarah takes on the task and works closely with the directing department on the realisation of productions. Claudia supports CEO Walter Köhler by keeping his management-projects running. He is the Master of Ingest and handles hours and hours of raw material on a daily basis. Terra Mater Labs, Communication and Storytelling, Filmmaking, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Author Director and Executive Producer at Terra Mater Factual Studios bei Terra Mater Factual Studios Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz As a producer, Sarah combines ambition, determination and efficiency with her creativity and enthusiasm. When Markus is not being moved by particle physics and not working on the development of new television formats, he passes his time with his family, exercises for the Großglockner mountain run, produces digital works of scientific art and ponders on possibilities on how he could sometime squash the Dive Master qualification in between. As Head of Legal at Terra Mater Factual Studios she is dealing with all kind of legal issues raised during development, production and distribution of all formats, TV documentaries and feature films. Combining experience and intuition, Toni always makes sure that content, organisational and financial matters during our productions are streamlined. Werner Eksler. Based in Munich she wrote for renowned German newspapers and science magazines. The company is a subsidiary company of Red Bull and specialises in factual production and distribution for cinema, TV and multimedia platforms. Traude will take on any challenge – under any conditions and in any country, but preferably in sunny ones! View full company info for Terra Mater Factual Studios 1. She is also responsible for pre-buys and acquisitions for this TV slot. OTS0023. tel: +43 1 870030. e-mail. In 2017 Nina started as Office Assistant at Terra Mater Factual Studios, only half a year later she joined the Features & Special Projects Department to take on some more challenges. Michael benefits from 23 years of experience, filming in more than 18 countries around the world, producing and line producing numerous German & international feature films/TV productions. Birgit has always pursued her goals with a compelling blend of optimism and perseverance, in accordance with her life motto: “I will. With Terra Mater Factual Studios (Sorted by Popularity Ascending) View Mode: Compact | Detailed. Um die Nachfolge des Teilchenbeschleunigers LHC in Genf ist ein internationaler Wettlauf entbrannt. The headquarters of Red Bull GmbH are located in Fuschl am See, Austria. AIDA Cruises . Die Terra Mater Factual Studios, Servus TV und das Ars Electronica Center laden zu einem gemeinsamen Erleben der packenden Dokumentationen ein. 15.11.2016 . All rights goes to the original owners of the content shown in this video. In his leisure time, Tony enjoys meeting his friends and plays/watches football. Welcome to our office! Technical Operator . His persistence and diplomatic sense, combined with his wit and charm, have many times helped to solve challenging situations. Wrapping shoots from Alaska to Namibia as Field Producer, Production Manager and Producer for various documentary films, TV-Drama and feature films. In November 2017, Arlette took the chance to join TMFS’ legal department as she loves working on an international level and always aspired to work for a film production company. 3 Jahre und 4 Monate, Nov. 2009 - Feb. 2013. She has a wide range of knowledge and experience in television production, from inception through completion. Österreich. Before joining TMFS, Roman worked for more than 20 years for the Austrian Public Broadcaster ORF in different positions. Claudia joined the TMFS team in 2015 as Office Intern. The company is a subsidiary company of Red Bull and specialises in factual production and distribution for cinema, TV and multimedia platforms. Plot. Dinah Czezik-Müller COO / Executive Producer Wien. His experience in film making not only covers documentaries: he also produced video clips for Queen, Falco etc. During her work as a production manager and line producer, which spanned a period of 15 years, she gained a wealth of experience in the production of outstanding natural history, science and history documentaries for the national and international market. Martina joined Terra Mater Factual Studios in January 2014 after gaining several years of experience at two Vienna-based law firms, focusing predominantly on corporate and copyright law. Terra Mater steht für: Terra Mater, anderer Name für Tellus, Gottheit der mütterlichen Erde; Terra Mater (Filmreihe), österreichische Filmreihe; Terra Mater Magazin, österreichische Zeitschrift; Terra Mater Factual Studios, österreichisches Produktionsunternehmen; Dies ist eine Begriffsklärungsseite zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort bezeichneter Begriffe. Before joining Terra Mater Factual Studios, Priska worked as producer for several renowned production companies in Austria and created various documentaries and television programs focusing on culture, culinary and nature for ServusTV. Wambachergasse 2 1130 Vienna. Roland Mittermüller. Returning to the world of multicellular animals she added a university degree in science journalism. As video engineer he worked on giant live productions as well as having been ORF’s chief editor for more than ten years. Right away he started to work in a small Film Production company in Vienna and worked in several different Video and IT related areas. Brothers of the Wind. Aktivitäten. With Terra Mater Factual Studios (Sorted by Popularity Ascending) View Mode: Compact | Detailed. FILMS. line producer aldo metzelaar . The Witness is a Whale.This way to uncover the secrets. Markus works as an Executive Producer at Terra Mater Factual Studios where he focuses on the development of new television formats. After that, she started as a production manager for Aquavision TV Productions and worked on films such as Safari Live, Predator Battleground, Leopard Queen, Catching Giants and Animal Mega Moves for National Geographic, Inside Nature’s Giants for Windfall Films and on a 3D wildlife film series for 3net/Discovery Channel. Official site. Martina is very straightforward and solution-oriented, always focusing on the optimal combination of both, the legal and business point of view. … Whilst there, he serviced the feature film ‘Suspiria’ and worked on other projects. Dinah Czezik-Müller. Assistent (m/w) für das Office Management bei Terra Mater Factual Studios . She holds a university degree in Theatre-, Film- and Media Studies as well as in Cultural Studies (both University of Vienna). Quickly she gained insight into the company, became a trustworthy assistant for all departments and one year later got promoted to Assistant to CEO. As Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Terra Mater Factual Studios, Dinah is responsible for all corporate finance issues, working closely with CEO Walter Köhler. Responsible for Terra Mater Factual Studios’ reception desk, she takes care of our national and international guests and keeps our meeting schedule running like clockwork. In 2002, Sigi graduated from a multimedia art school, having focussed on animation, layout and web design. 1 Jahr und 3 Monate, Jan. 2011 - März 2012. Michael is also member of the European Film Academy and the Austrian Film Academy. One of Köhler’s last industry coups was for his film, The Ivory Game, to be recognized on the Academy Award® Best Documentary Feature Shortlist in 2016 The thrilling feature documentary about the illegal ivory trade had its premiere in 2016 as a Netflix Original Film. When Priska is not chasing or shooting a story, she explores the nature or is on culinary discovery tour – because who knows, maybe the next story is waiting around the corner. After discovering the fascinating complexity of film montage in his early twenties, a row of short film productions followed. A passionate mountain biker, Toni’s used to never giving up – because forward is the only way to go. Walter Köhler, CEO von Terra Mater Factual Studios: “Wenn man einen Vertriebsexperten mit 25 Jahren Erfahrung mit einer 10-Jahre-alten Produktionsfirma zusammenspannt, deren Teammitglieder ihren Job seit mehr als 25 Jahren höchst erfolgreich machen, bekommt man ein einzigartiges Kraftpaket voller Erfahrung, Wissen und Begeisterung. Toni is one of our Production Managers at Terra Mater Factual Studios, working closely with both the Specialist Factual and the Factual Entertainment & Format Development departments. Sendungsverantwortliche Redakteurin. She has combined her interest in both travel and horse-riding by undertaking extensive expeditions around the world on horseback. Before she started with TMFS she worked within TV production environment for seven years, having worked at ORF, Austria’s public service broadcaster. production manager traude botha . As Head of Factual Entertainment & Format Development, Nina is responsible for the selection and creation of new, innovative programme ideas for the national and international market. Because if you look deep into nature, you will understand everything better. 2018. Before joining TMFS, Markus worked as a chief editor and presenter of the television science program “Newton”, at the Austrian Public Broadcaster ORF. 9 Monate, Nov. 2016 - Juli 2017. Zum Vernetzen anmelden Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH. Terra Mater Factual Studios beim Sundance Film Festival. Solving problems that are hard to solve and finding the different approach to it is one big hobby of Roland. Wien, Österreich Director Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH Dez. Therefore, “Yes, we can!“ is her motto at work. Prior to that, Eva worked on a variety of feature films with responsibilities in festival management, reporting, film premieres and educational screenings. There are few situations which could make Andrea lose her calm. Founded in 2011, Terra Mater Factual Studios is the new home of the internationally acclaimed former production team of UNIVERSUM, ORF’s Natural History Unit, and is based in Vienna. 3.7. Bordfotografin. Entertainment, Lifestyle, History, …, Junior Producer, Factual Entertainment & Format Development, Executive Producer, Digital & Communications, Junior Producer, Digital & Communications, Sustainability Manager & Production Coordinator, Features & Special Projects, Executive Producer, Features & Special Projects, Producer, Factual Entertainment & Formats Development, Head of Factual Entertainment & Format Development, Director Co-Productions & Portfolio Management. Das Unternehmen wird beim Amtsgericht 1030 Wien unter der Firmenbuch-Nummer FN 356086 g geführt. Because #terramatters. From manufacturing screws, nuts, bolts and bicycle parts in rural German Sauerland to working in a cabaret and variety theater, Michael finally found a path to his real vocation in the glorious world of film. Im Profil von Sirna David-Lalic ist 1 Job angegeben. Julia, one of our Commercial Assistants in the Accounting department, is responsible for a variety of financial matters at Terra Mater Factual Studios. Terra Mater Jobs in Wien wie zB: ☛ Internship 2021 bei Red Bull GmbH Jetzt noch mehr Jobs entdecken und schnell bewerben! As Junior Producer in the Digital & Communications Department, Katrin supports Philip and Eva by developing and producing content for Terra Mater Factual Studios’ YouTube and Instagram channels. Nina Holler Sustainability Manager & Production Coordinator at Terra Mater Factual Studios Wien, Wien, Österreich 154 Kontakte In the 1990’s, he created the Natural History Unit of the Austrian public broadcaster ORF and made it one of the leading brands in factual television worldwide. As one of our Commercial Assistents, Antonius is responsible for a variety of financial matters at Terra Mater Factual Studios. Wednesday 8.15 p.m. She monitors incoming and outgoing materials, ensuring content is delivered on time. Or, so they say.. Creativity and accuracy: for Maria the two are not mutually exclusive. Even prior to that, Monika worked in various areas: she produced kids programmes for Disney Channel, numerous entertainment shows for German broadcasters like Pro7, ZDF and Sat1 and more TV shows and documentaries for all major Austrian broadcasters such as ATV, ORF, ServusTV and Puls4. Caring for nature. He develops and produces the video content for the YouTube- and Instagram-channel of the company. As Production Account Manager, Wolfgang takes care about all kind of financial matters as accounting, payment transactions, bills, currencies and any other way to handle or transfer money between TMFS and their partners. Arlette graduated in law in Heidelberg, Germany, and completed her legal internship in Heilbronn, Stuttgart and Baden-Baden. Satesh works as a Production Controller in the Features & Special Projects Department. Anschrift: Wambachergasse 2 A-1130 Wien . During his holidays you can find Wolfgang visiting cities all around the world. Before joining TMFS, she worked for the Print and Online departments of German educational monthly magazine GEO in Hamburg. Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH. Furthermore, she recently took on the responsibility as Sustainability Manager, to start the process of making TMFS a sustainable and green production company. We bring out some 20 productions a year. Working closely with the Head of Specialist Factual he manages the co-productions between TMFS and the growing number of co-producing partners. 29.11.2018 12:39 . And should we miss some information, never worry: Julia won’t let it pass unnoticed and will be in touch with you. #terramatters on YT. Dinah can be summed up in two words: accurate and creative. Ivo is Terra Mater Factual Studios’ space cowboy: He is hooked on stars, galaxies and black holes and, to him, the sky is no limit. Priska’s TV career began in Germany, where she did editorial work for broadcasters like arte, ZDF, ProSieben and WDR. Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH. Together with Walter Köhler she led the development of UNIVERSUM from being a domestic TV success to a global brand. With his deep proficiency in several languages, his experience in film and media production and his strong business acumen, Philip is doing his best to serve Terra Mater’s digital unit. Prior to joining Terra Mater Factual Studios, Martin had 20 years of production experience in a broad range of non-fiction TV, both as a writer/producer for independent companies and as an Executive Producer at the Natural History Unit of ORF, Austria’s state broadcaster. As Executive Producer at TMFS, she supervised Award-winning series like ‘White Lions – Born Wild’, ‘Nile – The Ultimate River’ and ‘Amur – Asia’s Amazon’. The main focus of her day-to-day work is the exchange of information with ServusTV, the German-language free TV channel of the Red Bull Media House, and with TMFS production partners worldwide. Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH mit Sitz in Wien ist im Firmenbuch mit der Rechtsform Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung eingetragen. Production Accountant Terra Mater Factual Studios Finance Terra Mater Factual Studios, a sister company of the Red Bull Media House, is a full blown production unit that produces and... Vollzeit. Traude oversees and organizes national and international productions. Terra Mater Factual Studios wurden am 1. unit manager dinah czezik-mÜller . Entertainment, Lifestyle, History, …. 2013 - Sep. 2014. Although it’s only 2mm long, this…” Deus Ex Machina. executive producers ivo filatsch sabine holzer . But little did he know that his real passion was waiting for him in the editing room. Redaktionsleitung . Zum Vernetzen anmelden Terra Mater Factual Studios. Not so for Susanne: She’s the Executive Producer with a soft spot for creepy-crawly creatures – may they have at least six to eight legs and the same number of eyes! Degree in Theatre-, Film- and Media Studies in Vienna, Helsinki and Amsterdam and also attended “Die Graphische“, the Austrian Federal Education and Research Institute for Graphics, so she can easily combine theory with creativity. She has also taken the audience on adventurous journeys as a presenter of the series ‘Adventure Ocean’ (ARD) and ‘Wonders of the Namib’ (NDR), as well as other formats. TMFS benefits from Eva’s many areas of expertise in film distribution & marketing as well as project & event management. Before joining Terra Mater Factual Studios, she worked as producer and Executive Producer for the science department of ORF, the Austrian public service broadcaster, for almost two decades and has been a member of the editorial staff of ORF UNIVERSUM. She is also responsible for the acquisition of natural history and science programs for the Terra Mater TV strand on ServusTV, the German-language free TV channel from the Red Bull Media House. Furthermore, Irene supports TMFS in her role as Office Assistant. Martin is the creative magician of the TMFS Specialist Factual Department, using his sharp mind to conjure up brilliant writing. The content shown in this video is not owned by us. She works hand in hand with the Head of Digital & Communications, managing publisher partnerships, festival collaborations, press releases, etc. Nach Elefanten und Vaquitas folgt die Arktis Terra Mater Factual Studios präsentieren den Trailer zu ihrem nächsten, nachhaltigen Kinofilm. or will be told amazing stories from Lindy Hop & Jazz festivals from around the world – if within train-reach, the better! Before joining TMFS, he was a key member on many projects for international broadcasters like the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, WNET, ORF-UNIVERSUM, France5, ZDF, NDR etc. Terra Mater Factual Studios are an internationally acclaimed production company based in Vienna, Austria, specialised in producing premium factual programming for TV, multimedia platforms and theatrical release. Priska Adlassnig. As Producer at Terra Mater Factual Studios, Petra works in the Specialist Factual Department. A lovable animal needs soft fur, four paws and two big eyes? Dinah graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Head of Features & Special Projects @ Terra Mater Factual Studios Wien, Wien, Österreich 500+ Kontakte. Before joining TMFS in 2020, Birgit was Senior Commissioning Editor and Deputy Head of Department at ORF UNIVERSUM, responsible for producing blue-chip wildlife documentaries for Austria’s largest broadcaster. But this morning, at the end of his shift, his vigilance pays off. She studied law in Prague, and Journalism and Slavic studies in Hamburg, where she went on to complete her training in the field of nature documentary and gather experience in a variety of different fields. Nature and animals have been Birgit’s overriding passion since childhood. The company is a subsidiary company of Red Bull and specialises in factual production and distribution for cinema, TV and multimedia platforms. Terra Mater ist die Lektüre für alle, die wieder öfter staunen wollen. However, Ivo has also quite a “down to earth” approach – especially, when it comes to meteorites that are hitting our planet, or to the amazing spectacle of the Aurora, the polar lights: Ivo was the writer and director of the two respective TMFS productions, ‘Aurora – Fire in the Sky’ and ‘Meteor Menace’. Thrilled to have produced Laura Nix's beautiful short film WALK RUN CHA-CHA, now streaming on New York Times Op-Docs. When not trying hard to create the world’s top documentaries, Petra loves to be on the road: if you’re lucky, you may either get a postcard or sweets from some near or far destination (cold climates preferred!) I can. She joined TMFS in June 2011 and, as Production Coordinator, works closely with TMFS’ Legal and the legal department of Red Bull Media House. Before joining TMFS as Legal Counsel, Arlette worked at the rights management department of ORF, Austria’s public service broadcaster, as well as at SWR, member of Germany’s public service broadcaster ARD, and its subsidary SWR Media Services GmbH. degree in Scandinavian Studies and an M.A.

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